[Photo] SHINee Fan Signing at Singapore 100131

i like their outfit.onew=HOT LOL
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[Fan Photo] Cute Onew

Onew very cute and hansome in these photo 😀

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SHINee at KJE 100131

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SHINee ft F(x) Where is the love
SHINee Onew and F(x) Luna Beauty and The Beast

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[Fan Photo] SHINee at Joonsung Drama Concert’s Press Conference 100130 Part 2

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[Scan] SHINee-Junior Magazine February Issue

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[Fan Account] SHINee Fan Meeting in 100126 Part 2

Suju Kyuhyun revealed his humiliated incident on Star golden bell.

Super Junior Kyuhyun had revealed his humiliated incident when he’s just debuted on the show KBS2TV Star Golden bell.

On the show Star golden bell which was aired on January 30th, all the guests had talked about the topic “I had acted in a celebrity way although they didnt recognize me”.

Kyuhyun said “I had visited my neighborhood after being active with Super Junior for only 3 months. I had worried that what would I do if people recognized me and as I expected there were 2 female students who followed me. I thought they would tell me <Can you give me a signature> but what they told me is <Can you buy us a pack of tobacco>” of which the other guests couldnt stop laughing.

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