Super Junior Yesung is greedy?

Super Junior Yesung is greedy for attention!

Super Junior member Donghae has revealed that the other members felt very tired of Yesung’s greed for entertainment.

Super Junior Yesung has got the #1 in the vote “The #1 idol who has a good sense of entertainment” in the show KBS2TV “Star Golden bell”.

Yesung said “If I couldnt get no.1 I would have come back home with a sense of loss” in which Donghae said “The moment he felt that sense of loss, us members will be tired” and “Because Yesung hyung has a poor result in entertainment shows so whenever he attends a show, he practices a lot at our dorm” .

Donghae also said Yesung usually practices his individual talents a lot and if the member was jokingly holding a gun he (Yesung) would like “shoot me!”, if the member was practicing fencing he would like “stab me!” and pretended to fall down which made everybody laughing.

The show will be aired at 5.15PM on Januray 30th.

Original article: Today Korea
Translated by: evanesco @ sj-world

Taken from: dkpopnews

credit : superjuniorsg


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