SNSD’s Yoona screwed up a Baby VOX dance?

As we reported earlier, two of SNSD member YoonA’s childhood friends made a special guest appearance on the January 31 episode of KBS Sweet Night.  Instead of fawning on her flattering qualities, the friends skipped the formalities and revealed some hilarious childhood stories. A few more stories have surfaced the internet.

One time in middle school, we were dancing a Baby VOX song, and someone told YoonA, ‘YoonA-ah, you’re supposed to turn at this time,’ her pride was hurt,” a friend revealed. “So YoonA retorted, ‘I’ll turn on my own so stop telling me to turn.’” Later on, YoonA wrote an apology letter:

To Ji Min

Hi Ji Min? I’m Yoona, I felt really sorry for fighting with you! I have decided to stop the habit of fighting with my friends from now on! Be bright and healthy in fourth grade too. You can’t forget me in fourth grade. okay? I’m sorry that we fought~

February 2000

– Friends forever

As we reported, the friend then revealed another incident in which a teacher had plans to pair up students, and asked everyone to write down three names on a slip of paper. “To keep a secret, the teacher tore up the slips and threw them away … but YoonA said, ‘I wonder who wrote me down,’ and dug through the trash and went in the boy’s bathroom to check.

That’s really not it,“ YoonA quickly responded, attempting to salvage the situation. “You shouldn’t try to change stories on broadcast.” Unfortunately, another friend added, “YoonA liked to go into the boy’s bathroom,” causing everyone to laugh.

This episode will also reveal stories on Hyoyeon’s crushes from elementary school, Yuri’s encounter with the delivery man of a Chinese restaurant that would always give her extra food. Sooyoung will also meet a former elementary school teacher for a reportedly teary encounter. Stay tuned for more on this episode!

credit : allkpop

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