SNSD is too busy to promote new album?

While most music groups would love the chance to hit up as many schedule opportunities as possible to promote themselves, SNSD has proven that too much can be a bad thing.

Although the girls have made a huge splash with their comeback with Oh!, the girls haven’t had the strongest start due to the absence of promotional activities for the album. Because of the fixed activities that many members have in their individual schedules that often conflict with practices, two or three members are often missing from practice. For example, YoonA has started filming for SBS Family Outing 2, Yuri and Sunny are part of Invincible Youth, and Taeyeon has activities with her station Chin Chin Radio. Furthermore, Tiffany and Yuri are also occupied with their MC roles on MBC’s Music Core. Initially, Yuri was rumored to accept a role on a new sitcom set to air in mid-March, but due to her tight schedule, these plans were cancelled.

The members aren’t able to gather for interviews and a promotional schedule,” an SM Entertainment rep revealed. “We’ve had insufficient time to practice choreography and vocals as well.“ In fact, the girls barely even got together in preparation for the comeback performances that took place on Music Core and Inkigayo this weekend.

Although the girls got a (short) break at the beginning of January, we hope that they don’t over-exhaust themselves with all of these activities. It’s nice that the girls aren’t being forced to cram a full-out album promotional schedule with their personal ones, but it’d still be nice to see SNSD at more interviews and other activities. Best of luck to them!

credit : allkpop


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